Too Poor to Give
TESTIMONY-Sosua-DR2_lDominican Republic is a Caribbean nation of contrasts.   Socially economically there is a wide chasm between the wealthy residents from Europe and America who reside in the coastal areas and the impoverished native people who live in the interior.  In September 2009 HeartSprings visited the city of Sosua located twenty miles from the coastal town of Puerto Plata.   Sergio and Nixie were invited to help lead a crusade sponsored by the New Life Missions Church led by an American missionary.  They also were there to survey the need for clean water at the local schools and orphanages.

One evening, Nixie preached on the importance of Christians to give with a pure heart.  This message was a revelation to not only the audience but also to the pastor.  Never before had this pastor considered preaching about ‘giving’ because these people are so poor and have barely enough to live on let alone something to give.  Nixie explained that she, as a Latin American woman, is a blessed woman and she is not poor, and neither are they.  How can you be poor if Jesus lives in your heart and you are receiving blessings from Heaven?  Jesus is not concerned with what is in your hands as an offering but that it is offered with a pure heart.  The next night of the crusade many came with offerings of plantains, bananas, avocados, mangos and other fruits and vegetables.  The transition from being poor to ‘rich in Christ’ was a site to see!    Learning to give is an effective step toward breaking the cycle of poverty.


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