San Marcos is located high in the Andes Mountains, at 4500 meters.  The road into town was unpaved, the weather was cold and rainy, and the potholes were enormous.   Trying to avoid the potholes was a challenge for the driver and brought us close, too close to the edge of the road and a precarious drop of many meters.  We prayed for a safe arrival.   San Marcos was the poorest town we have visited in Peru.  Even though there are many productive gold mines in the area the money does not seem to benefit the inhabitants of the town. 
 Dr. Lida a new friend and member of Pastor Saul’s church shared that there is no hospital in San Marcos for the 70,000 residents of the area.  Pastor Saul and Dr. Lida both from Huaraz brought us here to bring the transforming news of Jesus and His love.   We found the water to be so terrible that we even refrained from taking showers.  Dr. Lida arranged for the installation of the Safe Water System and prepared a massive celebration in the local park.  Dr. Lida travels to San Marcos multiple times a month from Huaraz to care for the people.    Her faith in Jesus Christ gives her the courage to keep returning to this place because the travel there is very difficult and the needs are so great.  

Many people came to the celebration including the large population of indigenous people who live here.  Local governmental officials also came.   Sergio preached the Gospel and more than 500 gave their lives to Jesus.  The government officials claimed that they were responsible for both the clean water and the presence of HeartSprings but God is the one who drew us there to bless the wonderful people of this town.   And the people saw Dr. Lida in a new light because she was the one who requested HeartSprings to come. 

More than 15,000 people will receive safe, clean water from the 23,000 gallon tank. 

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