Pomabama is a Peruvian Province whose capital city is also called Pomabama.  Located on a small plain in the Ancash Region the 3000 meter hight city has a temperate climate with distinctive winter and summer seasons and a rainy season from January to March.   The city faces a majestic snowcapped mountain named Jancapampa.   From higher elevations surrounding the city the vista is one of an emerald paradise because of the dense planting of fruit trees and shrubs of all kinds.

Pastor Saul Valladares, HeartSprings National Director for Peru, and Miguel de la Cruz, our Technical Director, travelled to the city of Pomabama in July to present the city two Safe Water Systems to make their water safe to use for drinking and cooking.  Two systems were required because of the tank size.  Each system is capable of removing 99.8% of biological contaminants from 20,000 gallons of water per day.  Approximately 7,000 people will benefit from the HeartSprings gifts.   

July 15 started with the officials of the city greeting and welcoming the HeartSprings representatives.   HeartSprings always work with the local officials to determine the requirements for the water purifiers and to plan the donation and celebration ceremonies.   HeartSprings will only donate a Safe Water System(s) if we are given the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the local residents.   In Pomabama, besides the local officials, students from the local schools were invited to participate.   It was a wonderful opportunity to proclaim the gospel to these young people.   The reception was enthusiastic  both as Miguel explained the technical side of the Safe Water System and as Pastor Saul preached about the ‘living water’, Jesus Christ.   

HeartSprings wishes to express our gratitude to Pastor Saul and Miguel for planting these systems in Pomabama.   They not only made this trip to Pomabama from their homes in Huaraz, they also made an earlier trip to do a site survey, talk with city officials, and local pastors.   Only those cities that are open to the gospel are candidates for a Safe Water System.   This endeavor takes them away from their families and jobs for multiple days.   Why do they do this?   It is because they love Jesus and have a passion for souls!   

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