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 A very special greeting from a very special town…   Nixie described how the entire town of Los Olivos was there to meet them when they arrived.  The people of the town as well as the local officials made a parade for them in their honor.  The local indigenous people were dressed in their native attire.  Flowers were presented to the HeartSprings group.   The parade ended at the local basketball courts where a platform had been constructed and a sound system installed.   It was a most beautiful celebration for the HeartSprings team and demonstrated how thankful this town located high in the Andes Mountains was for the gift of the Safe Water System.   Sergio preached the Gospel Message and more than 1000 people indicated they received Jesus.   Nixie asked for a special word to share with the women in this area because they are treated as second class citizens.  The Lord responded and the women were blessed.   Miguel our new technician for Peru then demonstrated how the Safe Water System worked and how to maintain it.
Then the entire town went to the actual installation site where the unit was installed in a 20,000 gallon tank that supplies water for the 15,000 residents of the city.   Pastor Saul and his wife, Omega, were given the opportunity to share a word with the town concerning Christ’s redemptive love.   The message was well received. 

Los Olivos will remain a special memory for all those who were there that day.

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