HeartSprings Missions in Huari
HUARI (APRIL 7-8, 2010)
We were greeted upon our arrival in Huari located in the Andes Mountains by nearly 150 officials from the government and the Water and Health Departments.   The vision of HeartSprings was shared and a demonstration of the Safe Water System was led by Brontis our technical representative from Mexico.   Then Pastor Sergio shared the Word with this group and the Holy Spirit was there and many received Jesus.   The following day a ceremony was held at the water tank (45,000 gallon).  People from the town and surrounding area came.  Government officials also came.  Two Safe Water Systems were planted that will provide safe water to the area that encompasses more than 40,000 people.  Previously they used powered chlorine but when we tested the water it did not show any chlorine in the water.   The mayor came to the tank to celebrate the gift of safe water.  A local TV station captured the celebration on tape.  The people were so thankful and were so gracious to our group.   More than 200 people received Jesus at the celebration.  God is so good to allow us to share our love with these wonderful people and to be able to express that love in a practical way.  

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