HUANCAYO (SEPT 20-28, 2010)
At the invitation of Pastor Hernando Soto of Huancayo, Sergio Mora and his son Sergio Jr. traveled to Huancayo, Peru.   Huancayo is located in the central highlands and is considered the cultural and commercial center of the whole central Peruvian Andes region.  Over 300,000 people live in Huancayo.  Pastor Hernando is the head of an association of pastors for the area and he asked Sergio to come and speak to the 300 member pastor conference they were holding. 

The conference lasted three days and Pastor Sergio spoke on ‘Walking in the Water of the Word’ – an Adventure’.    Sergio shared how we often listen to and preach the Word with our minds and encouraged them to preach instead to the Spirit.  This opens the door for the Holy Spirit to work.   Now the adventure truly begins.    This was a new approach for many of the pastors but it did not fall on deaf ears.  The Holy Spirit moved among the group and broke down barriers.  It was like the walls of Jericho coming down.   They took the message to heart and at the conclusion of the conference they graciously presented Sergio with a watch representing the start of a ‘new time’ for their churches.  

 HeartSprings presented a Safe Water System to the people of Cochas Chico near Huancayo and a big celebration was held.   Pastor Soto and his team did an incredible job in preparing the celebration and many people came.   Miguel de la Cruz from Huaraz did the installation of the unit and expertly explained how it worked to the people.   Miguel is our technical representative in Peru and we are so grateful for his heart and his desire to proclaim Jesus throughout Peru.   Sergio then talked on developing your character through the power of the Holy Spirit in your life and be living letters for the world.   More than 600 people came forward to either accept Jesus Christ or to rededicate their lives to Christ.   It was an amazing experience to witness the transformation in the people.   We praise His Holy Name that we were used by Him in that place!

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