After a breakfast meeting with the mayor and other city officials of Chimbote to introduce HeartSprings and to discuss the Safe Water System, the team visited the Polytechnic High School.   There they met initially with the directors, teachers and staff.  They were open to us sharing the Word and so grateful for the gift of clean water.  They explained that the water at the school is so terrible and the children that attend the school are too poor to buy bottled water.  Many children are frequently sick and out of school due to stomach problems.
Nixie preached to the students on the basketball courts.  Most of the students and many of the teachers indicated they prayed to receive Jesus.  After the celebration, three students came up to Sergio and Nixie and told them that they now had Jesus in their hearts.  They were all smiles!    Brontis did the demo of the Safe Water System after the preaching ended.   While the other members of the team went to tank (15,000 gallon) for the actual installation, Nixie was asked to come talk with the directors and teachers again.   They were so impressed with how the children responded to the invitation to ask Jesus into their hearts that they wanted to learn the ‘sinners prayer’ so they could take it home and share with their families!   It was a wonderful testimony of how our Glorious God works.   

Since the school runs on half day schedules, there are two separate groups of students who attend each day.  HeartSprings only had the opportunity to speak to one-half of the 1600 students and staff but another pastor will go back to school soon and share with the other half of the student body.  


 A need goes unfulfilled…  In the afternoon we went to a small town some thirty minutes from Chimbote.  We travelled by a very bad, dusty road.   It is an agricultural area where most of the residents raise vegetables and primarily potatoes to support themselves.   Since they are all raising the same crops the prices they receive are never very good because they compete against each other.   The leaders of the town were there to meet us but the residents of the town were not.    In the planning, somehow the message did not get to the leaders that the main reason we come is to preach the Gospel and we require that the town be in attendance.   The town is small with only 400 people but the need is huge.   HeartSprings will return and install a Safe Water System in the future  when all the towns people can attend.   

Nixie while the rest of the team inspected the tank, observed a man and his small son walking nearby.   She saw this man bend down and scoop up with hands a small trickle of water from the ground.  The color of the water was brown.  It broke Nixie’s heart to see this sight and know that the need would go unfulfilled for this trip.   


We visited a market in Chimbote where some 5000 people work and sell their goods.  The government built the market for the street vendors.  It is a small city within a city. The market has its own radio station.   They sell fruit, vegetables and meats there but there is no refrigeration.  We were able to meet the people who run the market and determine if there is a need for safe water.  There is a big need and they are currently building a water tank!    HeartSprings hopes to supply a Safe Water System for the Chimbote Market when they complete building the water tank.  Sergio and Nixie had the opportunity to talk with the people and shared their love of Jesus.   The people responded and followed us through the market.  

Later in the evening Sergio and Nixie preached at a small church in Chimbote.  About 100 people were there and as Sergio preached, a transformation was taking place in the peoples’ faces.   The Holy Spirit was there in a big way to bless those special brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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