HeartSprings Missions in Guangaje

Thursday continued.  In due time, we turned off the main road unto what was supposed to be a dirt trail, but to Sergio and Nixie's amazement, it had been paved since they were here in May.  They had prayed for the road conditions with the people of Guangaje, and we now were driving upon the very answer to those prayers.  The government had decided "on its own" (you think God had prodded them?) to pave about 3 or 4 miles thus greatly improving the travel conditions.  As we drove to the community water tank of Guangaje, we saw about 150 people who were setting a concrete electric pole so as to be ready for the electric company to run their lines (due a few days from now).  There were 20-25 people on each of several ropes to steady the pole as they pulled it into position.  Some men had tied long wood poles together to act as push/brace poles until the electric pole was in place and the hole backfilled and tamped in solid.   It was amazing to see women with their babies strapped on their backs, carrying rocks to be placed in the hole along with the dirt that the men were shoveling in.  One man stepped to the side with a rock suspended from a rope as a make-shift plumb bob, and directed which group of rope-holders to pull the pole so that it was finally set plumb and solid.

Pastor Henry, HeartSprings international director for Ecuador, had arranged for a video crew to be on-site to record today's events for use on the Quito Church's web site.  It was a great opportunity to speak a greeting (with Sergio translating) from Heartsprings, and to say what a great blessing it was for Heartsprings to be invited to this community for this project.  Finally, the pole was in place, the many pictures taken (my wife, Karen, loves pictures - she took some 800 this week), the video interview completed, and the small shed (made of concrete) inspected.  This shed was just recently built by the community solely to house the chlorine generator, battery charger, and associated equipment.    We were told that this little shed was better than many of the houses the people live in, and the leaders were understandably proud of their efforts.  

The villagers began the walk back to the community hall while we drove by car.  We unloaded our equipment, asked for a tub of water and made preparations to do a live demonstration of the chlorine generator. When the political leaders were seated in their places of honor and about 120 people were crowded into the room, Nixie began a sermon of God's love for them.  I was asked to preach (Nixie translated) so I spoke of ‘Living Water’ for their souls as well as pure, clean water for their bodies.  Nixie gave an invitation to receive Jesus, and about half the people there raised their hand and repeated the sinner's prayer that Nixie led.  What an awesome event to witness!  I could nearly hear the rejoicing cries of the angels around God's throne at these wonderful, gentle people coming to faith in the work of Jesus!
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