Have you ever felt like you could touch the clouds?    We did, as we travelled the final forty minutes on a dirt road to our next Safe Water System installation site; we kept climbing and climbing and climbing.  We were very thankful that the car was equipped with 4-wheel drive, or we might still be pushing the car up the mountain.  After many twists, turns, and switchbacks, we arrived at the small community of Gramabamba.

The water tank at Gramabamba was another three fourths of a mile nearly straight up the mountain from the village, with no electricity at all.  The community leaders had asked the government to run an electric line to the tank, but were told that they would have to pay $6,000.00.  When I learned of this situation on Tuesday, I knew that these people would find it impossible to raise that much money, so I wanted to buy a gasoline generator to run the equipment, but Pastor Henry, HeartSprings National Director for Peru, said to wait.  He wanted to first show what the chlorine generator would do for the village, present it to them, and then meet with the government himself to try to persuade them to run the power line with no cost to the village.  Failing that, he assured me that his church would buy the gasoline generator and supply the gasoline to operate it.   The people in this village were the poorest (in worldly goods) that we had yet seen, but they had been told about the chlorine generator and what it would do for their water, and they were willing to do whatever it took to keep this chlorine generator and make it work, even if they had to carry heavy batteries up the mountain every morning and bring them back every evening to be re-charged for the next day.  It was very moving to me to see how these simple, wonderful people were so determined to hold on to this opportunity to get better water for themselves and their children.

When it was time to begin the meeting Nixie again preached and I spoke once more about good water and Living Water.   Nixie asked the children to sing their newly learned song in English for the people, and so Nixie led her "choir" in "Jesus Loves Me".  When Nixie gave the invitation to receive Jesus, about 25 adults raised their hands and repeated the sinner's prayer after her.  The children (most of them) left then to go play soccer (which is much more fun than watching a machine make some kind of gas) and Sergio again did an excellent job of explaining and showing the equipment while three men wrote furiously in their notebooks.  Sergio had to be very careful and deliberate to talk about the safety issues involved with chlorine gas and draining and cleaning the chlorine generator because these people knew even less than those of Guangaje concerning chemicals and toxins.

Following the demonstration and the preaching, several officials from the community spoke expressing their appreciation for the gift of clean water from HeartSprings.  Like in the community of Guangaje, official papers were written up and duly signed by the community and church leaders.  These precious people then served our small group lunch and then bid us farewell.  What a wonderful day it was!
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