International Missionaries: Sergio and Nixie
Sergio was born 1957 in San Jose, Costa Rica and Nixie was born in 1961 also in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Sergio attended college in Costa Rica and then worked for a short time for the government of Costa Rica where he spoke and awarded diplomas to graduates of a number of trade schools located throughout Costa Rica.  He felt the Lord’s hand was already on him even though he was not yet a Christian for it was an excellent preparation for the ministry.  They were both raised in the Catholic Church.  Sergio and Nixie were relatively young when they married but they desired to build a strong marriage.   God placed on their heart that the key to reaching that goal was to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  They read the Bible and prayed and learned of His ways.   God responded.  Their lives were transformed by His presence and His direction.  Soon they were working within the Catholic Church and sharing with others their experiences and leading many to Christ. 
Sergio and Nixie's Open Letter
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Dear Friends,

Water of the Word

It is impossible to live without water, and it is impossible to receive salvation and find the way to the kingdom of God without the water of the word. When we drink water, we put it in our mouth and our thirst is satisfied, and after that the water goes into our body and provides the hydration we need to be healthy.

In the same way, when we read the word of God, it comes to our minds and starts a process inside of us, developing salvation, wisdom, health, preservation and more; in one word the kingdom of God is established in our lives. Jesus said, “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing, the words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life” (John 6:63 NIV). If the Spirit gives life and the word of God is spirit and life, the only option for us to live a real life, is through the word of God.

God put in our hands a chlorine generator, that purifies the water we drink, as a tool, to open hearts through clean water. Let’s go together to the ends of the world, using this tool, where the needy people are, to let them know about the living water that is Jesus. Let’s go together to plunder hell to populate heaven, letting the people know that Jesus is Savior, Jesus is Lord, and in His word we find the real life.

HeartSprings is a family in the spirit, full of gratefulness because of the salvation we received from our Savior and with passion in our hearts to let the people know about Jesus and the kingdom of God. If you are part of the family of HeartSprings, glory to God, but if not, today you can be one of us, praying, going with us, or sending us to reach souls for the kingdom and bringing encouragement to the church wherever they are, to do there the best for God. This is the time of salvation, this is a time of healing, and this is a time of miracles. At this moment, as you read this, you are drinking water of life, you are drinking spirit, you are drinking truth; the results of this is salvation, wisdom, healing; in one word the miracle you need, just receive it in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for being part of this vision and we are so blessed that a great harvest of souls are waiting ahead of us and together we going to present it before our king Jesus.


Sergio & Nixie

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