Serenade of Praise
TESTIMONY-Guangaje3_lHeartSprings travelled to a remote village of Guangaje (pronounced Won-gah'-he) far to the south of Quito, Ecuador in mid October, 2009.   It is located at an altitude of 15,000’ in the Andes Mountains.  The Andes were stunning in their splendor and sheer size, with several peaks covered with a beautiful white cap of snow glittering like jewels in the sun.   HeartSprings was there at the request of Pastor Henri and his wife Heidy.  They are HeartSprings National Directors for Ecuador.

A story was shared with our team about Maria who lived in Guangaje.  A few months prior to our visit, Maria became very sick almost to the point of death.  In fact, the people of the village were building a coffin for her burial.  God had something else in mind for Maria.   A pastor came and prayed for her, she was healed and transformed by the power of Jesus.  Maria became a pastor of many women.  She walks the high mountains trails from one village to another, one house to another, sharing the love and care of Father God.  Part of her ministry included assembling a choir of other young ladies and young girls.  At the end of the celebration ceremony for the donation of the Safe Water System, she and her choir sang, a cappella, in their native Indian language.   Although we could not understand the words they sang, we were filled with praise because God had healed Maria and now she is a bearing fruit in her village high in the Andes Mountains.

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