HeartSprings was invited to plant a Safe Water System at the state prison in Oaxaca.   The prison houses over 2000 prisoners and staff plus receives many visitors on a daily basis.   Two SWS were required because of the size of their tank, 23,000 gallons and the amount of daily water usage.  Pastor Gustavo from Qaxaca worked with the director of the prison and Brontis, HeartSprings local director in Mexico to prepare the facility for the celebration ceremony.   Pastor Gustavo hoped that this gift to the prison would open doors for him to start a church at the prison.

In February, Brontis along with the able assistance of several prisoners, the two Safe water Systems were installed.  Sergio Mora and his son, Sergio Jr. both HeartSprings missionaries came to lead the celebration along with Brontis  and Gustavo and a number of people from Gustavo’s church.   Upon their arrival they had to pass several inspections just to be admitted to the prison.   Then they were invited to the prison director’s office and there they shared the gospel of Jesus with him who received it with an open heart.  The director then asked the HeartSprings representatives to bless his administrator staff and again the word was well received.   The group was then led to the patio where the prisoners were waiting for the celebration ceremony.   The Safe Water Systems were officially given to the prison and then both Gustavo and Sergio shared the gospel with the prisoners.  Many, many received Jesus and even more heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.   The director of the prison was so thankful for the gift and has invited HeartSprings to come and share at all the prisons n the State of Oaxaca.  The best part is that Pastor Gustavo was asked to start a church there and on the following Sunday he held his first service.  We pray for continued transformation in that place.

That evening Pastor Gustavo asked Sergio to preach in his church in Oaxaca.   Sergio said the people of the church received a great Holy Spirit impartation.  The service began at 6 pm and he and Pastor Gustavo were ministering to the people until 11:30 pm.
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