HeartSprings Missions in Mexico
HeartSprings was invited to plant a Safe Water System at the state prison in Oaxaca.   The prison houses over 2000 prisoners and staff plus receives many visitors on a daily basis.   Two SWS were required because of the size of their tank, 23,000 gallons and the amount of daily water usage.  Pastor Gustavo from Qaxaca worked with the director of the prison and Brontis, HeartSprings local director in Mexico to prepare the facility for the celebration ceremony.   Pastor Gustavo hoped that this gift to the prison would open doors for him to start a church at the prison.
Sergio was invited to preach in Pastor Gustavo’s church in Tehuantepec a neighboring town to Mixtequilla the evening before the donation of the Safe Water System to the city of Mixtequilla.  During the invitation Sergio received a word for an 8 year old little boy that was in attendance.   Sergio shared the word with the little boy and he received Jesus.   Sergio noticed that the congregation was very touched and came to find out that this little boy was well known and not in a positive light.  Any vandalism town was attributed to this little boy.  View the video of Rosalino to hear his story.   
In February in Minatitlan Mexico, HeartSprings had the privilege to install a Safe Water System on a military base located there.   HeartSprings worked with Pastor Cesar who has a church in Minatitlan and Brontis, a HeartSprings local director.   The military facility has approximately 2500 soldiers and staff who live and work there plus there is an elementary school located on the base.   HeartSprings was invited by the General who is very open to the gospel.   He apologized that he could not make all the troops available for the dedication ceremony and the sharing of the word.  He explained because of the soldiers ongoing responsibilities that our team would need to minister them in small groups.  Everyone was so grateful for the gift of clean water.   They expressed their thanks many times.  Even more than the clean water they were so moved by the ‘living word’ that was proclaimed by both Pastors Sergio and Cesar.   Pastor Cesar brought some bibles and everyone wanted one.  Pastor Cesar said he would bring more next week, enough for each soldier to have a bible.   
CHINAMECA (FEB 14, 2010)
Pastor Cesar and Brontis, HeartSprings local director in Mexico and a technical expert on the installation of the chlorine generators, selected two small towns in the city of Chinameca an hour away from Minatitlan to receive a Safe Water System.  Brontis, surveyed the sites and met with city officials in preparation for the celebration ceremony.  The city officials were so excited and grateful to be selected and they along with Pastor Cesar planned a ceremony in the main plaza.   All residents of the city plus government officials were invited to attend.   

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