SOLOMA 2 (NOVEMBER 3-11, 2010)
‘…all things works together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28.  In Soloma Guatemala, the HeartSprings team from Costa Rica, Mey, Natalia, and Ricardo along with country directors Carlos and Mayra experienced this verse first hand.  The PLAN was to hold evening crusades outside but the weather was not cooperative.  It was unseasonably cold plus it was raining.  There was a contingency plan to hold the crusade at one of the local churches who was partnering with HeartSprings.  However on Friday evening a new door was opened to the team.  One of the local high schools was holding a graduation service and HeartSprings was invited to come and speak with the students and their parents.  Is not our God good?  Ricardo took this perfect occasion to speak to the more than 500 people in attendance on ‘SUCCESS’.  Ricardo explained to the students how it was impossible to have true success in life without Jesus.  Then he spoke to the parents saying that if they also desire success for their children then they need to invite Jesus into their hearts also.  God blessed and during the invitation ALL the people at the graduation stood and indicated they had prayed the sinner’s prayer inviting Jesus in to their lives.  One door closed but an amazing door opened and we are so grateful!

Mey a nurse by training was invited to speak to the staff at the local Health Center.  Her topic was breastfeeding but she also taught them how to put their lives at the feet of Jesus.   Realizing quickly how women are treated more like slaves than wives she emphasized the importance of a woman’s roll in the home and the need for Jesus.  We rejoice over the 12 conversions in that small group.  During her tour of the facility on Labor and Delivery Mey expressed concern with the lack of cleanliness which could pose a serious risk to all patients and particularly with those who have to have surgery.    She made some recommendations on how they could improve their facility and the response was very positive.

The local Christian radio station, Salvation Stereo Radio, asked the HeartSprings team to come and speak to their listeners.  The team members had a grand time inviting the local residents to the various HeartSprings activities and then Ricardo also shared the gospel message and encouraged listeners to take action and put their faith in Jesus.

In addition to the above listed activities the team held many outreach activities at the local churches for young people, women, church leaders and the general community.   In each and every meeting the glorious name of Jesus was lifted up and all were invited to follow Him.

This trip was a repeat visit to Soloma and while the team was there another Safe Water System was donated to city.   Pastors Martin and Thomas presented the unit to the city on behalf of the Christian people.  This is the fourth SWS presented to Soloma; the first three were placed there in March of 2010.   Multiple units are required to provide clean water for this city of nearly 40,000 people.

The people of Soloma did not want the team to leave.   They desired to have what our people have.   They saw a difference and they want them to RETURN.  Our team is invited back to the Soloma in April 2011 where they have been asked to lead evangelistic crusades, speak to a school of 1800 students, and assist the Health Department improve their Labor and Delivery area at the Health Center.   A group of doctors were so appreciative that they asked the team to stay in their homes during the April visit.

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