CARRIZAL 2 (AUGUST 18-24, 2010)
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In late August HeartSprings returned to the Carrizal area to plant another Safe Water System in a smaller tank, 8000 gallons, for the benefit of some 1300 people.   Pastor Carlos, Pastor Cipriano and an evangelist from Costa Rica, Pastor Ricardo Rojas participated in a number of evangelistic activities not only in Carrizal but also in and around the city of Huehuetenango.  For nearly a week Carlos and Ricardo shared the love of Christ in local schools, churches, parks, and markets and even at a work protest that had all the roads blocked in a neighboring town.   
Pastor Ricardo asked the leaders of the protest if he could speak on the true justice that one finds in Jesus Christ; the leaders gave their bull horn to Ricardo and he addressed the large crowd.  The protesters removed their hats, listened with respect and several indicated they had prayed to receive Christ.   Afterwards Carlos and Ricardo walked through the crowd to encourage them and share the love of Christ.  We give thanks for Ricardo’s boldness and his obedience to carry out the great commission where ever he is!

On Saturday, a celebration and ceremony was held in the city plaza to officially give the Safe Water System to the residents there.  Again the Community Bible Church of San Antonio, TX was the sponsor for this donation.   Twelve people came forward and accepted Jesus Christ after Ricardo shared the love of Jesus with the crowd gathered there.

The doors were opened to HeartSprings every where they went.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed every where they went.  Many, many gave their hearts to Jesus Christ for the first time.   Lives were forever transformed.  Thank you Jesus for your faithful servants!


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