HeartSprings Missions in Guatemala
SOLOMA (MARCH 2, 2010)
Soloma is a town of over 40,000 people located high in the mountains of the state of Huehuetenango.  It was selected by the local Heartsprings directors in Guatemala to receive a Safe Water System.   They met with officials of the city and were welcomed with much gratitude.  In early March, Sergio and Nixie Mora, local HeartSprings representatives and a group of college students from Pepperdine University led by Pastor Tim Taylor travelled to Soloma to install the Safe Water System there.  The city has three large water tanks and a Safe Water System was installed in each tank.  Fernando of the Huehuetenango Water Department led the installation team.   
HeartSprings local director Pastor Carlos Ruiz planned an evangelistic outreach in Carrizal Zone 3 of the department of Huehuetenango in June of this year.   Working with him was another pastor, Cipriano Marroquin, also from Huehuetenango.   At the culmination of the outreach would be the donation of a Safe Water System sponsored by the Community Bible Church of San Antonio, TX.  The department of Huehuetenango is located in the western highlands of Guatemala.   
CARRIZAL 2 (AUGUST 18-24, 2010)
In late August HeartSprings returned to the Carrizal area to plant another Safe Water System in a smaller tank, 8000 gallons, for the benefit of some 1300 people.   Pastor Carlos, Pastor Cipriano and an evangelist from Costa Rica, Pastor Ricardo Rojas participated in a number of evangelistic activities not only in Carrizal but also in and around the city of Huehuetenango.  For nearly a week Carlos and Ricardo shared the love of Christ in local schools, churches, parks, and markets and even at a work protest that had all the roads blocked in a neighboring town.   
SOLOMA 2 (NOVEMBER 3-11, 2010)
‘…all things works together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28.  In Soloma Guatemala, the HeartSprings team from Costa Rica, Mey, Natalia, and Ricardo along with country directors Carlos and Mayra experienced this verse first hand.  The PLAN was to hold evening crusades outside but the weather was not cooperative.  It was unseasonably cold plus it was raining.  There was a contingency plan to hold the crusade at one of the local churches who was partnering with HeartSprings.  However on Friday evening a new door was opened to the team.  One of the local high schools was holding a graduation service and HeartSprings was invited to come and speak with the students and their parents.  Is not our God good?  Ricardo took this perfect occasion to speak to the more than 500 people in attendance on ‘SUCCESS’.  Ricardo explained to the students how it was impossible to have true success in life without Jesus.  Then he spoke to the parents saying that if they also desire success for their children then they need to invite Jesus into their hearts also.  God blessed and during the invitation ALL the people at the graduation stood and indicated they had prayed the sinner’s prayer inviting Jesus in to their lives.  One door closed but an amazing door opened and we are so grateful!

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