Sergio was invited to preach in Pastor Gustavo’s church in Tehuantepec a neighboring town to Mixtequilla the evening before the donation of the Safe Water System to the city of Mixtequilla.  During the invitation Sergio received a word for an 8 year old little boy that was in attendance.   Sergio shared the word with the little boy and he received Jesus.   Sergio noticed that the congregation was very touched and came to find out that this little boy was well known and not in a positive light.  Any vandalism town was attributed to this little boy.  View the video of Rosalino to hear his story.   

In Mixtequilla, the installation of the Safe Water System was not typical but very effective.  Mixtequilla, a town of 4,700 people, receives its water from a nearby city.  Water from that city is pumped into a large 5000 liter tank in Mixtequilla where it is chlorinated by the Safe Water System.  Then once the water has been properly chlorinated it is pumped into a smaller 1000 liter tank.  Multiple pipes with spigots at the end were run from the smaller holding tank to a staging area where residents can come and fill 20 liter bottles with safe, clean water to use for drinking and cooking.   As water usage increases the plan is to add multiple sets of large and small tanks.  Brontis, a local HeartSprings director in Mexico, was instrumental in designing this configuration and was assisted by representatives of the city and water department.

HeartSprings had meetings with the city leaders and shared the love of Jesus and explained the mission of HeartSprings and why we do what we do.   The people of the town as well as the city leaders were so grateful for the gift of the Safe Water System.   A ceremony was held in the evening in the city plaza and all residents and city officials were invited.  Many people came.  The people heard the word of God preached by Pastors Gustavo, Cesar from Minatitlan and Sergio from HeartSprings.   Most of the people indicated that they had accepted Jesus into their hearts.   What a blessing!
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