Miracle in Matamaros
testimonies_l_001In August of 2009, HeartSprings International was invited by Pastor Tony to Matamoros, Mexico to plant a Safe Water System in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Clean, safe water for drinking and cooking was not readily available at the center or for those who live around the facility.  HeartSprings came to install a Safe Water System and to share the love of Jesus.   Both residents of the center and neighbors alike were invited to share in the gift of safe water and to participate in the celebration ceremony.

The 400 people who live at the center are considered the lowest of the low.  Their ‘outcast’ status is further emphasized by the fact that the rehabilitation center is located on what use to be a city dump.   This center is run by a former drug addict who was totally transformed through the love of Christ.  Now he has dedicated his life to helping others like himself.  

testimonies_l_002 MATAMOROS.MIRACLE-lgOne of the residents, a young man, saw an opportunity to escape, during HeartSprings’ visit there.  He was however, quickly found and returned to the center.  Sergio and Nixie, HeartSprings’ missionaries asked to speak with him.  They did and witnessed to the good news of Jesus Christ.  The young man was put in secure room and as he later testified during the night he considered breaking the window so he could get a piece of glass to kill himself.  Then he recalled the words that Sergio and Nixie spoke to him about Jesus and began praying for deliverance.  He asked for forgiveness and for Jesus to take control of his life.  His life was immediately transformed.  Now he has the desire to live and to learn about the One who gave him new life.  Watch the video and notice the miraculous change in this young man’s face.

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