Manna from Heaven
ECUADOR.MFH.GODS_BLESSING-lgThe mountains surrounding Quito, Ecuador are breathtaking and majestic.  We experienced that majesty in a profound way one Saturday while we in Ecuador.  I was there with my wife, Karen, along with HeartSprings international missionaries, Sergio and Nixie Mora.  Our hosts were Pastor Henry and his wife Heidy, HeartSprings national directors for Peru.

We drove far up one of the beautiful mountains surrounding Quito and stopped at a parking lot.   We walked from the parking lot to a cable car station, loaded into the cable car, and went higher still.  At the top cable car terminal, we unloaded and saw a breathtaking view of Quito.  We were up 4,100 kilometers, about two and one half miles high.  Pastor Saul, from Peru, was there with us, and he, Pastor Henry, Sergio, Nixie, and I decided to climb by foot higher up the mountain.  The air was thin and the path steep, but the view was spectacular!  We had to pause often along the way and let our heart rate slow down, our lungs to quit burning, and our legs stop their trembling.  After climbing for perhaps 30 or 40 minutes, we were far above the cable-car terminal and its buildings, so we stopped to pray over the city.  There were fluffy white clouds behind and below us (yes, we were above the clouds), but in front of us was the majesty and beauty of Quito, sparkling in the afternoon sun, with clear skies over all of the city.  Serigo was praying that God's Presence "the Manna of Heaven" would begin to fall upon this place, and as soon as those words came out of his mouth, it began to hail.  This hail was big and pure white, and it called to my memory that God sent manna in the wilderness to feed His beloved people.   The excitement built as we five stood there and kept praying and asking God to bring in the harvest of thousands of souls in this city and this nation.   Time went by and it kept hailing harder and harder, with the size of the hail increasing.  Eventually, we decided that we had better return to the building where Karen, Heidy, and her son were waiting, because by now the hail was so large that it was beginning to sting as it hit on our heads and shoulders.  We practically ran down the mountain and were happy to get under shelter.  We sat and shared this miracle with Heidy and Karen, and we were all weeping at the awesomeness of our God, without shame or embarrassment, even though there were many other people there, taking shelter as well.  Karen looked out the window and exclaimed, "Look another sign from God!" and we all looked out to see a beautiful rainbow arching up over the city of Quito, lying far below.   lt seemed to us that God was putting His seal upon our prayers, and sent the rainbow as confirmation.


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