donate_tanker Your gift of $1,500 US Dollars will purchase a water tank that will supply water now and in the future to a community
donate_parts Your gift of $150 US Dollars will purchase a collection of consumable Safe Water System Parts
donate_hose Your gift of $50 US Dollars will purchase a collection of minor water system syplies
How You Can Help HeartSprings
CURRENT NEED: New Water System Parts needed in Nicauragua
Safe water is a life and death issue.  Water-related diseases are the most common cause of illness and death among the poor of developing countries.  According to the World Health Organization, 1.6 million deaths per year can be attributed to unsafe water, poor sanitation and insufficient hygiene (2005 UN Millennium Project).  HeartSprings International shows God’s love in a tangible way by giving the Safe Water System to poor communities.  This gift of clean water is but a tiny example of God’s love for man.  We then tell the community of the greatest gift ever given:  the gift of living water.  This gift of eternal life, delivered to the earth by Jesus Christ, is the basis for everything we do and is the soul purpose for our work.  We are in the business of building God’s kingdom. We work with kingdom minded people who have a passion for souls.

Because the communities we serve are so diverse, their needs are as well.  Sometimes the greatest cost is paying customs duties to get our free gift into the country.  Other times we need help to purchase or construct a water tank, piping, or the Safe Water System itself.  We list all the projects with their specific needs that are in the planning stage and not completed funded as of now.  We also list suggested donations for general gifts.  Your donation can be very specific or more general as God leads you.  The board of HeartSprings is unpaid and the international missionaries are supported by a third party.  Therefore all the gifts received by HeartSprings go directly to our projects around the world.

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