HeartSprings Country Directors
Our country directors are a diverse group of people who have a passion for souls and take the great commission ‘… to go and make disciples of all nations…’ Matthew 28:19 to heart.  They love Jesus and want to share that love with all who will listen.   Many are pastors but not all.  Many have positions in the church but not all.  There are no degrees required or tests to take.  Many are simply followers of Jesus who desire to serve Him.  These positions are voluntary and unpaid.   Involvement of the local church is crucial for our success.  Our directors are an integral part of the HeartSprings family.

These servants have jobs and families but their priority is to spread the gospel in their country.   They are not rich in earthly terms but they have much to share in Kingdom terms.  Many travel to remote villages and towns to reach those who have had little or no exposure to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Often travel is difficult and presents risks but they go.  They go to give clean water but their real desire is to speak about the ‘living water’ Jesus Christ.   The clean water opens the door but the acceptance of Jesus Christ opens Heaven.   

The directors are loosely organized into local and regional directors with a single national director.  National directors oversee activities in a country and their role is to lead, train and nurture the local and regional directors.  The regional directors support the local directors wherever needed.  The local directors select the sites for a Safe Water System.  Sites can range from a village or town to an orphanage, a prison, or a drug rehabilitation center.  They seek involvement from government officials.   They plan and lead all activities surrounding the installation ceremony including.  All directors are responsible for the follow up after a Safe Water System has been planted.  Our mission is not only to bring divine transformation to individual hearts but to entire communities and cultures.
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