CHINAMECA (FEB 14, 2010)
Pastor Cesar and Brontis, HeartSprings local director in Mexico and a technical expert on the installation of the chlorine generators, selected two small towns in the city of Chinameca an hour away from Minatitlan to receive a Safe Water System.  Brontis, surveyed the sites and met with city officials in preparation for the celebration ceremony.  The city officials were so excited and grateful to be selected and they along with Pastor Cesar planned a ceremony in the main plaza.   All residents of the city plus government officials were invited to attend.   

Pastor Sergio, HeartSprings international missionary, was invited to share a message with Pastor Cesar’s church, El Pan de Vida, on Sunday morning.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was in that place as you can see from the pictures.   Following the service, a bus with people from the church led an evangelistic evasion on both towns.   The first stop was the city of Rancho Viejo where Pastor Cesar has started another church.   Both of the churches played key roles in planning the city wide celebration.  The people of Rancho Viejo were so happy because not only did they receive the gift of clean water, they heard the word being preached declaring His gift of eternal life and then the churches gave out clothing to those who were there and in need.   Pastor Cesar challenges his congregation to donate the best clothing they have, not just the ones they no longer wear or need; this is a powerful witness to those who receive.  Big smiles were everywhere and the name of Lord and Savior was praised in that place.  

Later that afternoon the bus travelled to Villa Roman where Pastor Cesar’s church worked with another church whose pastor is a friend of Cesar.  The plaza was set up with a platform and speakers and many came.  All ages were there to participate in this special event.  The Safe Water System was officially given to the city from the churches and many speeches were made by both city and church leaders.   Then Sergio shared the ‘living word’ and many in attendance indicated that they had accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts.  The celebration lasted well into the evening but no one seemed to mind.

It was a joyous and fruitful day in Mexico because many souls were added to the kingdom of God!
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