A Gift for Jesus
ECUADOR.GIFT.BASEBALL_CAP-lgWe, Sergio and Nixie Mora, Pastor Henry and my wife Karen, arrived at the small, remote community of Gramabamba, high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.  Gramabamba consists of a Catholic Church, a small one room school building, and 3 or 4 homes.  We were there to give these precious mountain people a Safe Water System.  The mountain people began gathering from everywhere and we soon had a crowd of 60 or so children and about 50 adults.  While the men started unloading our equipment to do another live demonstration in the school room, Nixie and Karen began talking to the children.

Soon Nixie and Karen had gathered quite a crowd of children who promptly sat down on the ground while Nixie spoke to them in Spanish (reminded me of the multitudes sitting on the mountain side in Galilee and listening to Jesus).  The children asked Nixie if she could speak English, and when she answered "yes", they asked her to teach them some words in English.  So she began to speak in English, "Jesus loves me" and the children would repeat the words, then she would translate into Spanish what they had just spoken in English.  She taught them several words concerning Jesus, which they dutifully repeated.  Then she asked them if they would like to learn a song in English, and they became excited, so she taught them, "Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so.  Little ones to Him belong: they are weak, but He is strong!  Yes, Jesus loves me; Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me: the Bible tells me so!"

The children were delighted and very captivated at the lessons in English, so Nixie seized this Holy Spirit ~ directed window of opportunity and preached a very profound yet simple truth of salvation to them for a few minutes.  Then she asked this group of about 50 precious children if anyone wanted Jesus to come live in their hearts.  Please hear this very clearly, EVERY ONE of them raised their hands to receive salvation.  Nixie led them in a simple prayer.  One little boy about 8 or 10 years of age had a brand new baseball cap (I have absolutely no idea from whence it came) and he held it in both hands outstretched to the Lord as if to say, "Here, Jesus, is my most cherished possession and I'll give it to You if You want it!" I believe it was this same little boy who later went to Sergio and said, "Pastor, I just now received Jesus in my heart, and I'm going to pray to Him every morning and every time I eat, because now I know that I can't live without God!"

I did not witness this event, being busy helping set up the equipment for the live demonstration, but Karen had seen it all through her camera lens and she came with tears on her face and told me what had happened.  I stood there high in these Andes Mountains and did some crying myself in praise and worship to God. I knew in that moment that all the travel, the strange foods, the expense, the aching legs and shortness of breath were worth all that and even more just for the salvation of that one young boy.  I'll be a long time remembering this God~ given moment!


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